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16/01/14 New Slang- Supporting To Kill A King

5/01/14 The Slaughtered Lamb


12/12/13 XOYO

xoyo was awesome! 


7/11/13  Proud, Camden- First Gig with the new 7-man band.

The Band

Before I tell you about Proud, I should tell you about the new band. So after interviewing many wonderful musicians and having the very difficult job of choosing between them I have managed to find myself with the 6 most talented and lovely people ever! So I should really start by introducing them, on lead guitar is Dan Smith, the man behind all of the songs structure and funky guitar. Not only does Dan contribute so much to the whole of the management and label side of the band, but he's also an extremely committed member of the band and the work he does on producing the songs I will be forever grateful for!  The perfect string section consists of Rose Martinez, playing stunning violin and Matt Constantine on just as stunning cello. I've always, always wanted a string section and I'm so pleased to have the privilege of having these two in the band! Our rhythm section has greatly improved also with the addition of Luke Jefferies on Drums and Jez Wells on bass. It's always key to have a very close/tight-nit rhythm section so the fact that the boys live together just adds to their greatest, I just hope me and my poorly played rhythm guitar can keep up!! And finally, I've always had a real love for brass so on a few of our songs we have the pleasure of having Joe Rodwell playing wonderfully bluesy yet totally fun trumpet! 
And now I've introduced you all properly, heres us at Proud...

This is the band and me having a genuinely fabulous time at Proud (well I was anyway!). After only around 6 practices I was sure I would feel terrified and unprepared for our first full-band gig, but it was quite the opposite. Having such talented and consistent musicians playing with me, just meant that I was completely calm and totally loved it. The room filled up quickly as we prepared ourselves before the set. I had a huge amount of family members and friends in the audience which helped massively with my confidence, and the fact that the crowd were so responsive and upbeat definitely helped relax me and meant I was able to really enjoy myself. Both songs played with trumpet (Cyrus and Boxes) got really great responses, everyone loves the fun of brass I think, which I was thrilled about. The band were so solid behind me and I was so pleased for everyone to be able to hear how much the songs had improved with the addition of the new members. It felt incredibly fast, as usual, and what I wanted more than anything was to stay on and play all over again because it had been so fun. Definitely the best one for me so far, it was a great location, the band were perfect and my loved ones were piled into the room, it was a very special night. 

I was also very pleased to play my gorgeous new Tanglewood guitar live for the first time!! Hooray! 

             Rose and Matt at Proud.

20/4/13 Living Room Gig- First solo gig on 4:20- With the help of To Kill A King

I awoke to a text asking to play a tiny gig with To Kill A King at a Living Room Gig they were doing. My rule is to do every gig I'm ever asked to do, and saying yes to this came easy anyway as the TKAK boys always make me feel very welcome and loved in every situation! I was also asked to sing one of there gorgeous songs 'Choices' with them so I of course jumped at the chance and then of course spent 2 hours going over the wrong part like an idiot! Haha! My set was first though, I played only 4 songs, but the crowd was so lovely, I wanted to stay on forever. I got a much better response to my 'Wicked Game' cover too, obviously these people knew how to get sexy.  

Great crowd and an awesome flat! Everyone was sitting on the floor which initially before I started singing scared me a little but in-fact it just made it more intermit and fun! Next I left it to To Kill A King to show me how its done, honestly there acoustic live performances are out of this world! I got asked up on the last song and I've never felt more comfortable singing with a group of musicians ever, despite my awkward hand holding in the photo, maybe I was a LITTLE nervous haha! Xxx

30/3/13- Marked the last 'The Frets' gig EVER. Defiantly my favourite band gig! 

The Troubadour has always been a place I've loved performing at. The rooms just big enough to feel like lots of people have come out to see you and just small enough to not be intimidating. On my way in a was pleasantly surprised to find a huge Orlando Seale (whom I played with at the Troubadour serval times) on the wall! Excuse my face in the photo, I took the photo on the way out of the venue and I was quite a lot drunker then! Very proud to see him up there with the greats!! Check out his beautiful tunes: https://www.facebook.com/orlandosealeandtheswell?fref=ts

After playing we got to hear Georgia Grace who was lovely, she had very honest songs and a strong voice. And then there was an exotic turn of events with a Burlesque show, which my male friends seemed to enjoy!! And then we got messy, heres some photos!! Xx

This photo is at the after party we found ourselves at- I assume this is mid-jump or my bad photography skills! >>>>

What made the night so lovely for me was my beautiful friends coming to join me and ruthlessly paying £7 (its alot for broke students!!) to see me even though they've seen me countless times before. I love you good people with all that I have!! X

14/7/12-Meeting RiverBank Records 

This photo represents the start of my career . After seeing me play to a not so packed room, probably about 20 people, Matthew asked if I would be willing to play some sessions with him. I of course lost his card, because I'm completely useless but luckily he found another way to contact me. This photo was taken on the day I met Matt and Dan for the second time, so I could sing for them (the sessions are in the 'Music' section of my website if you fancy having a look!) . It feels weird now to think that this was over a year ago and that 'RiverBank Sessions' as they were then, are now 'Riverbank Records' and are my label! I feel truly blessed. Plus Dan is amazing at guitar and will be playing in the band soon-hooray! Enclosed is a picture of them both, because there are far to many photos of me on her, I'm starting to feel a bit sick! X

Dan and Matt.